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Android OTT Solution

Get access to the latest versions of popular apps with the all-new Android operating system. The Amazing N8 offers the most optimized OTT and IPTV experience at an unbeatable price. Watch live TV from OTT-IPTV internet sources. 

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Multi-Viewing Options

Watch live TV and content from OTT-IPTV internet sources. Stream content from your Network-attached-storage or directly from USB.

Advanced Connectivity

Amazing N8 offers a full-suite of advanced input and output  connections to satisfy even the most demanding users.

Network Storage

Easily mount Network Attached Storage (NAS) to your Amazing N8 to boost your storage options. Allows secured file management and easy sharing of files.

Latest & Greatest Apps

Get access to the latest versions of popular apps with the all-new Android operating system. The Mufasa TV Client app is also fully compatible.

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